What if?

WHAT IF the scars of trauma in our lived experiences could be relieved through a 20-minute outpatient medical innovation?
WHAT IF Post Traumatic Stress is an INJURY to our sympathetic nervous systems, rather than a mental disorder?
WHAT IF a second chance at life were real, allowing us to move through the world and connect deeply with everyone and everything around us?

Truth is, PTSD is not a mental disorder. It's an INJURY.

Post-Traumatic Stress is an INJURY (PTSI) to the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which triggers the amygdala and can directly impact  every homeostatic system in the body.

RESET’S NSR treatment releases the “fight, flight or freeze” responses – often stuck “on” – to allow restoration to the pre-trauma state, allowing for release, revival, renewal, RESET of the sympathetic nerve.  NSR is a pathway to healing from the scars of trauma and stress.

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More Testimonials
More Testimonials

Neuro Sympathetic Reset (NSR) is designed to heal the ROOT cause of symptoms for lasting relief.

NSR is a 20-minute, minimally invasive, evidence-based outpatient procedure that physiologically allows your sympathetic nervous system (SNS) to RESET to its baseline state of peace, ease, presence, and clarity.

A physiological reset, RESET's Neuro Sympathetic Reset (NSR) is relieving the “fight, freeze or flight” response – often stuck “on” – to restore the at-rest, untriggered pre-trauma state in those experiencing symptoms including…Release, relieve, renew, revive, RESET.  NSR is a pathway to relief from the scars of trauma and stress for all.

Our treatments can achieve remarkable positive results across a wide range of symptoms and conditions

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Weight Loss
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Community Encouragement
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Its’ a Lifestyle - Not a Diet
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Real Food
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Better Sleep
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Improved Activity


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Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to follow the HEALTHe program?

This new lifestyle is actually pretty easy; all it takes is a little preparation. The best part is that it is REAL food! Easy to shop for and prepare!

What am I allowed to eat?

All of the food on the approved food list is there for a reason! The goal is to go back to basics and eat clean and healthy food. The food has been selected, not only for their protein content, but also further specific fat and sugar content. Meats, cheeses, dairy, vegetables, grains and fruits are all included.

How much exercise do I need to do?

We don't ask you to do any heavy lifting or to run a marathon! It's simply about getting up and walking. The program is simple...real food, accountability and WALKING!

How do I stay accountable?

Accountability is the key to anything! The great thing about this lifestyle is that you get your own personalized dream team! A group of people who are living this lifestyle are there to help support you in your HEALTHe journey! By checking in each day with a food log and a short daily stat log, your dream team and personal coach are there to help guide you and keep you accountable.

How much does it cost?

There is a small one-time startup fee and some additional supplements that help fill the gaps in your nutritional needs. There is no monthly cost associated with having a personal coach. All of the coaches volunteer their time in order to help heal the world one person at a time.

How long does it take to lose weight?

When you start the program, your coach will guide you through a health calculator to be able to help find your ideal, healthy bodyweight for your age, gender, and height. Then with the calculator it will tell you realistically about how long it will take to reach that ultimate goal.

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Hope For Healing
Life is not easy. We all have stuff. And no matter what our “stuff” is, Reset offers a path beyond the triggers or the numbness. Beyond the pressure or the fog.