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It feels like I had a straight jacket coming off, it is a weird feeling. It's been years since I have felt like I didn't have one on.

Jody N.

"I have dealt with pain on the left side of my neck and my trap for a decade...I noticeably feel better. I don't have the tension I felt. I don't have the limitation of movement without pain."

David N.

"I tracked my hot flashes for a week before getting treatment, and I would often have 35-40 hot flashes a day, including night sweats that kept me up. After the NSR Menopause treatment, I may have one or two very minor hot flashes. I feel so much relief."

Kelly P.

"I'm sleeping pretty darn good, which is a miracle all in itself. My thoughts aren't cluttered with the typical terrible things I am used to thinking about. I just seem to be ok. Content."

Dave S - First Responder

Jim, his wife, and two boys share the changes they have seen in Jim since his treatment. Post-treatment is three weeks, and the results and changes are incredible. His son says, "There used to be a lot of small things happening. He used to get, like, really lit reactive and stuff like that. It hasn't been happening as much or at all anymore."

The Davis Family

I really hope people struggling with Bulimia will give this a try. I haven't had a single slip since the treatment, which wasn't even why I got the treatment to begin with! I went in for my social anxiety!

Emmanual B.

"I have had a knot in my left shoulder that no amount of massage, physical therapy or acupuncture could help. This is the first time in a few years I have had any relief at all. I am very thankful for the relief of Trigger Point therapy."

Kelly P.

I don't feel like I am struggling to keep my head above water. I am so grateful for this [NSR] procedure.

Judy M.

"I had Trigger Point for my long-term tension headaches and I had immediate relief. It feels so good not to have to suffer with tension headaches."

Dustin B.

I feel so light and free, without worry even though I know I have things I need to work out. My head isn't full like it was before. I can live in the moment. I feel like I have my life back.

Tammy T.

I didn't realize I had been feeling hopeless until I got this treatment. I am filled with so much hope now! At first I thought "I don't REALLY have trauma so this probably won't do anything for me."

Anna M

I find myself to be way less irritable. I have found myself to be much clearer minded and engaged in my conversations. I think it is pretty much a miracle. I think it should be received by everyone!

Denielle T

I'm feeling more calm. I used to have a hard time saying no to people I love. I'm now setting clear boundaries for myself. We're saving up to get the treatment for my husband. Overall I feel just so much more calm.

Jenny B.

"I really enjoyed the Firefly Virtual Reality Sanctuary. It actually helped me calm down and it was really need to be in another world for a while."

Tom S.

"Wow, Firefly was so cool. I want to do that over and over. I felt so calm and relaxed. I can't wait to do it again."

Lisa L.

Hope for Healing